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Kawthar Al-Zein in “Witness to the Stone Age”

Ramallah: As part of the first book series issued by the “Palestinian Institute for National Guidance” is the first poetry collection for the poet Kawthar Al-Zein. Her collection, composed of 64 medium-size pages, is titled “Witness to the Stone Age”.

The poetry collection addressed the daily pain and the murder and theft that the country is subjected to. The poet chose to start her collection by dedicating it to the memory of the fallen child and symbol, Mohamed Al-Durra in the poem, “The Blood Olympics”. The poet snuck to the details of the murder in order to track the very bullets of betrayal that penetrated childhood so that she could present and address to the windflowers of death that spilled on that street in Gaza from Mohamed’s skinny waist. The poet wrote:

“Oh my small Christ…your Cross is larger than your eyes
And heavier than all this emaciation
Your breakfast every morning…
Is sunken by the rock of all those who refused to carry it
You alone will “forge” this suffering”.
Some of the vertical poems were abundant in prosodic flaws… There is a space for what the personal in many of the collection’s poems. In Kawthar Zein’s earliest product, one can find what could said about a place and its energy…about love and the wings’ lust (Two Terraces, Album, Once Upon an Evening, Lost in the Tomorrow, The Traveler, From…My Song is Born, Witness to the Stone Age, The Algerian ?’s Obituary, Lust of Wings, All the Antique Languages For Eyes, And I Ask About You, Oh My Love, I Fear the Time, A Memory to your Eyes, My Mother)…all were included in the collection.

The cover was designed by Nagham Al-Halawani and the cover painting is for the artist Jamal Al-Afaghani.