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For the First Time in Palestine
(The Detainees) Magazines, issued by
the Palestinian Institution for National Guidance

Ramallah – The Palestinian Institution for National Guidance has recently published the first issue of the periodical (The Detainees), a magazine issued for the first time, which highlights the experience of Palestinian detention in the prisons of the opposite?. This magazine rigs the bell so that the issue of detainees takes priority on the negotiations table. It also encourages related organizations, that are interested in the detainee movement’s issues, to take on their historical responsibility towards the detainees and their families.

The magazine was published in three hundred pages – medium size. Below is an excerpt of its opening statement, titled “Our Detainees… The White Lightening…” written by the Editor in Chief, the poet Murad Al-Sudani:

Here…in the Palestinian Institution for National Guidance, we strive through our periodical “The Detainees” to disclose the apprehensions and deep thought of the forgotten detainees, their pains and longings, the details of their days – spent in sorrow, trial, and a determination to live and defend their vilified existence and stolen liberty. This is despite that many of us have closed their lost pride’s eye for no matter how much the pains increase and how thick the opposite’s whip gets or its tools of torture sheds the Palestinian body’s blood, the stars of words shine in the country’s space and sneaks through the cells’ bars and barbed wire to paint Palestine’s resistant time and place that beats with freedom and patience.

We open the magazine’s doors to our beloved detainees so that they may find in it a tool to express loudly that they remain the live witnesses, living in the occupation’s tombs. We leave to their pens the freedom to express and expose the opposite’s policies and to announce the overall deterioration in this vile time! We advance with them to the frontline of confrontations that they have gained the honor of creating on our behalf.

Long discussions took place within the editorial board of the periodical “The Detainees”, which spreads its wings across the country despite what surrounds it of contradictions and savage black ants… The discussion were regarding Nafha, the Fort, the Bastille, Bandage, and the Swallow… The colleagues’ discussions branched off to end at the end of the brainstorm, we arrived at that name: “The Detainees”…which is as clear as the programs of torture imprinted on their bodies…and the days’ bitter phlegm that dropped its infusion in their throats… That name which is exposed exactly like the invaders’ daggers, whose limits of intelligence in our homeland Palestine was embodied in jails and executioners…the levers of ancient fetor…the classifications of barbarism and savagery… the new Holaco-types dressed in the garbs of murders and the fangs of human gnaws.
“The Detainees”, using a capital “The” for a definition of their stature, which hugs the sky…where the name indicates the significance of the named and the language embarks to guard their injured dances and ailing bodies every time the whips of fire burn them or when their bodies are burnt by the tremors of Zionist fear or when the tents and basement scorch them with their sting.

They are the detainees and this magazine if from them, to them, and with them. It highlights the pain and rings the earth’s bells against the enemy that has taken on the nature of hyenas and has crawled like the locust on all that is green and vibrant in us and has penetrated everything through murder, strikes, and humiliation… The detainees then are now declaring the battle of empty stomachs… Let their frail bodies confront the invaders’ armored vehicles, machineguns, and the barbed wires that are witnesses to their Torah-complexes.

The detainees are the gateway of the solution and there is no solution without them.

The in “The Detainees” is one of acknowledgment, as our grammar gurus say, for this could only suit those brave ones and we only entrust it to those who have remained true to the pledge and oath… For they are free until their last day.

The issue included three articles: Isa Qaraqe’: The Detainees’ Experience and the Legend of the “holy” mat (67 – 2003)… The writer attempted to present the detention experience in the occupation’s detention centers while examining the most important phases that this experience has gone through.

Musa Abu Kiber also presented an article titles: The Oppressive Zionist Authority’s Features; the article highlighted actions of the opposite and the characteristics of its systematic policy against the Palestinian and Arab detainees. The detainee Nael Al-Barghouthi (25 years in the Enemy’s Jails) presented a lengthy study to which the detainees Abdel Halim Hathni, Ibrahim Madhi, and the colleague Walid Al-Hodali (a freed detainee who spent 12 years in the occupation’s jails) contributed. Mr. Al-Barghouthi highlighted the strikes in the jails, the exchanges, the interrogation as well as detailed many of the issues that the detainees suffer from and confront in the opposite’s detention centers.
Under the Section (Diaries), the freed detainee Khadher Qindah: Details of Al-Juneid Detention Center’s Strike for the year 1984. Through his article, Qindah clarified the savagery with which the detainees’ bodies were treated as well as other difficult details of trials that the detainees faced.

The magazine also incorporated a portfolio on the detainee Marwan Al-Barghouthi that included the following:

    - A man and a cause (in the biography).
    - The victim prosecutes the executioner.
    - Marwan’s bill of indictment against the government of the opposite.
The portfolio also included affidavits regarding Marwan Al-Barghouthi’s experience. The affidavits were for: Amin Maqbool, Hatem Abdel Qader, Nayef Sweitat, Issa Qaraqe’, and Jamal Mansour. The affidavits are papers that were lately submitted in a recent seminar held in solidarity with Marwan Al-Barghouthi in Ramallah, moderated by the writer Said Yaqin.

The issue’s debate was regarding Ahmad Jubarah Abu Al-Sukar, where he was interviewed by Khaled Sukar. The detainee Abdel Haim Khathni also contributed to the interview by providing a description of Abu Al-Sukar’s release from the Asqalan (Ashkelon) prison and those difficult moments when the dean of Palestinian detainees exited from Asqalan.

As for the Literary Section, it includes a number of selections from a lengthy poem by Mohamed Alawneh from the Ramleh Prison. The story was divided between: Mohamed Rawhi, Walid Al-Hodali, Adnan Daghar, and Mohamed Al-Naser (who was martyred after his release from prison).

The (Prison Diary) section was varied to include: “The Detention Centers…. Tombs for the Living”, “The Martyrs of the Detainees Movement”, “Arab Detainees in the Opposite’s Prisons”, “The Palestinian Detainees in the Opposite’s Prisons”, “The Isolation Detainees in the Beersheba Prison and the Female Prisoners in the Ramleh Prison”.

The (Letters) Section included: “A Letter from Asqalan: Storming of the Prisons is Resounding… and the Will Persists”. The letter presents a report on what occurs in the occupation jails. Additionally, Fahd Abu Al-Haj wrote “And it was the Beginning” in the (Signal) Section while Mohamed Rawhi concluded with “A Spark Burns the Entire Plain” under the (Incentive) Section. Below is an excerpt from his article:

“Avigdor Lieberman, the Minister of Infrastructure in the occupation’s government, has appeared to us having refused to participate in governmental Committee in charge of the arrangements of releasing the Palestinian detainees. This man considered that it would be better to drown those detainees instead. In a statement to the occupation’s radio, the “owl” Lieberman extended his head from his den only to caw, “It would be better to drown those prisoners in the Dead Sea, if possible, because it is the lowest point in the planet.

So, you indecent Committee Against Incitement:

What do you call…this?! Is there any venom that is more murderous in this world that would contribute to the increase of hatred and rancor between the Peoples of the earth more than the poison that was sprayed from Lieberman’s mouth?! We don’t think so… We don’t think so! Where and what is the peculiarity, Oh people! In the fire that the so-called “leader of the National Unity Party” has opened on our souls and children?!

Isn’t that the life of loggers, water carriers, and crooks that they wanted for us forever??! Is there a culture in our planet that is lower, or more degraded that this culture that beats with racism and inhumanity?”

On the magazine’s cover, the poet Mutawakel Taha, who is the Chief Editor, wrote an article entitled: “The Besieged Freeman”

“President Yasser Arafat, who won his legitimacy from the continuation of the resistance, in the longest modern revolution, and whose legitimacy was reiterated by the Palestinian People through the election ballots; he has the legitimacy that knives and those dedicated to contradictions have. A free old man who inherited the world’s national liberation movements’ torch, so that he may become the symbol that repels the catastrophes of theft and oppression for he is carried by the glorious blood, the honorable wounds, and the souls of the devoted detainees. Sieges were not intrepid with him. Rather, they were broken under his just treading all the totem’s techniques and of small murderous generals

There is no need to ask: who besieges who? That who opens spaces of dignity for his People and protects his nation’s dreams in protecting its holy values and honor? Or those who are hiding in the ghettos of their tanks and bellies of their heavy armored vehicles?!

The siege on the present, which is well in its second year, is the crowning of all the occupation’s sieges that it imposes on everything and everyone that is Palestinian. It is a siege aimed at directing an insult to every Arab person and official whose heart beats for Jerusalem or whose eyes cry with the grieving mothers of martyrs. For it is an American-Israeli signal to every Arab Muslim leader or any leader throughout the world… It is also a lesson to those rulers – a lesson they should understand; that if every ruler does not succumb to America and Israel, his fate will be humiliation, siege, and isolation.

The siege on Yasser Arafat is the pinnacle of the American-Israeli sieges that are imposed on the riches, resources, decisions, and futures of Arabs and Muslims… It is one of the manifestations of the American-Israeli policy, which continues to violate everything and use everything…to satisfy their appetite and achieve their desires at other Peoples’ expense without the minimum moral deterrent or regard to customs or conventions.
Yasser Arafat’s siege reiterates that his “NO” still stands…that he hasn’t and will not raise the white flag.

We will stay by this man so long as his Palestinian “NO” still stands and so long as he is determined to realize our rights, manifested in the establishment of our independent state – whole – with holy Jerusalem as its capital and the return of refugees to their original home…without reduction. We count on this historical man…and we bet on him”.