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With the President’s Approval and Blessing
The Announcement of the Establishment of
“The Palestinian Institution for National Guidance”

Ramallah – President Yasser Arafat issued his valuable approval for the establishment of the “Palestinian Institution for National Guidance”, which is an organization that endeavors in research as well as creativity guidance and development. The poet Mutawakel Taha has been appointed as head of the institution.

The institution strives to work with the new generations of Palestinian refugees as well as connect them with their language, history, culture, and homeland in order to turn them into an active, effective, and productive part of the national struggle related to their People. This constitutes the first goal that the institution strives to realize since connecting these communities, who constitute more than half of the Palestinian population, with the motherland by building cultural, economic, and social bridges, was always one of the most important goals of the Palestinian resistance. This goal gains maximum importance in this period, which in turn necessitates the establishment of an independent institution that endeavors in this regard.

The institution also endeavors to make the effort of gathering the real Palestinian account and present it to the young generations of Palestinians first, the Arabs, and the world that does not know the roots of the Palestinian struggle with the Zionist project in the third place. That is in order to confront the occupation’s account, which has been re-collected, arranged, and formulated in a manner that suits the Zionist settlement plan; this constitutes the institution’s second goal.
The last goal that the institution strives to realize is the need to search for innovative Palestinian persons and youths through the varied training and preparation programs that are established to provide accurate information to these generations about their heritage, culture, history, and real homeland. The institution shall realize this goal by organizing workshops to prepare and train creative persons in practical choices that related organizations and institutions in the homeland and Diaspora could participate in as well as provide the appropriate avenues (published, visual, and audio) to present those outstanding persons while stressing their support and encouraging their participation.
The “Palestinian Institution for National Guidance”, being an innovative extension that is active in developing cultural and creative activities as well as guidance and raising awareness, together with the various cultural institutions and centers in the homeland and the Diaspora, is responsible for bringing word to life and presenting them in order to strengthen the Palestinian persona that it could continue its presence and development in various levels.